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Cardiology EMR

PowerMD offers a wide-range of practice automation solutions for Cardiology medical offices.

Cardiology Electronic Medical Record Software

At PowerMD+ we understand the complexity of the Cardiology specialty; furthermore we understand the importance of having a specialty specific system that is built around the Cardiology practice workflow. The easy to use and affordable Cardiology Medical Record has a powerful feature set which includes Cardiology specific templates, ICD/CPT codes, patient education, and interfaces. You will also find customizable templates for examinations/re-examinations, follow up, and CT/MRI findings in your easy to use Cardiology EMR software. For each patient you will have an in depth history of illnesses, complaints, review of systems, and physical examination at your fingertips with a tablet pc or PDA.  At PowerMD+ we know that no two Cardiology practices are the same, which is why we will work with you to customize your certified software solution to your needs.  PowerMD+ provides a customizable Cardiology EMR software solutions.

Why convert to Cardiology specific EMR software?

• Increased productivity and reduced expenses
• Patient encounters are documented quickly and information flows more quickly to office personnel.
• See more patients without decreasing the amount of time you spend with each patient
• Eliminate transcription and chart-pulling expenses
• Improved E&M coding
• Documentation is consistent and legible
• Coding recommendations through E/M level coding assistance
• Improved, Streamlined communication within your practice
• Document each step of medical decision making within your practice
• Track communication activities between each person within your practice
• Alert people within your practice of urgent matters
• Document phone calls and route to appropriate staff person for follow up

Cardiology EMR Features

Look for  PowerMD+ that is specifically designed with Cardiologists in mind. Features of your PowerMD+ should include:
• Cardiac Output Values
• Integration with, at the very least,
• Cardiac Catheterization equipment
• Cardiac ECHO equipment
• Hemodynamic data
• Maintain information used during Cardiac procedures
• Cardiology specific templates such as
• Acute Myocardial Infarction
• Congenital Heart Disease
• Hypertension templates
• Hypotension templates
• Infective Endocarditis
• Palpitation templates
• Unstable Angina
• Angina Pectoris templates
• Cardial Dyspnea templates
• Chest Pain (general in nature)
• Edema templates
• Heart Failure templates
• Cardiac Enlargement templates
• Aortic Aneurysm/Dissection templates
• Analysis of percent of stenosis of vessels
and many other features specific to your Cardiology practice


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