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PowerMD’s quick charting allows for a fun and easy input process! Our charting templates are very flexible. We can change to meet all your specialties’ requirements and implement an electronic signature, all in a seamless workflow.

The PowerMD charting templates allow you to document quicker. Since the number of patients are constantly growing, an easy-to-view patient list assembles the most relevant patient data. The user has the ability to search based on first or last name, date of birth, patient record number, or directly from the assembled patient view list.

Once you enter the patient’s medical charting, a series of links provide comprehensive patient data. A Home link displays recent activity logs and general patient information, as well as an option to allow the patient access to view charting information in their patient portal. An Insurance link gives the user the ability to input patient insurance information such as ID number, provider, plan, type, and so forth.

PowerMD charting Access History is a great way to view which User, Date, Time, and other important patient Activity Logs were access by a certain User. The details in Access History are a great way to check up on your staff, as well as viewing at which phase of the visit the patient is at during a given moment in time!

The bulk of the charting will be able to be viewed in the Summary link. For this link, important patient information such as medical history, diagnosis, ,medication and prescription, immunization charts, and more are viewable and adjustable (with proper User Authorization). For follow-up visits, physicians will be amazed at how easy patient information is organized!

Actual PowerMD charting is conducted by the physician with the help of a SOAP notes format. First, the nurse is required to take Vital Signs, so that the patient can advance in the visit process. Then, the physician executes the Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan for the patient. Finally, the authentication of the doctor-patient visit is electronically signed by the physician to conclude. It’s that quick and easy!

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